Beautiful design  And the most durable flooring Beyond your imagination Unique colors

BeauDura SPC uses high variation print technology coupled with innovative print film design for an incredibly natural look, feel, and a minimal repeat pattern our durable collection has no repeat per 60 ft2. Each box is labeled AB and CD accordingly. For the best visual effect, “dry lay” the floor by opening a set of AB and CD labeled boxes at a time and ensuring a good mix of planks!

Beautiful durable and uniquecolors

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As a truly exceptional luxury floor, BeauDura requires little maintenance to perform year after year. Cleaning and maintenance frequency varies based on specific traffic volume and area of use. Walk-off mats, daily sweeping and a regular cleaning schedule will reduce daily dirt, dust and build-up and minimize the need for more extensive maintenance steps.

Beaudura is Beautiful!Durable!Unique!

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